The Truth About The Ridiculously Expensive 2020 Oscar Gift Bags

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oscars swag bag 2020

LA Times Today host Lisa McRee met the creator of the gift bags to see what was inside. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. The on-trend products included in the gift box, coupled with the branded “party at home” from Chanel, act as a bridge between fully in-person events and virtual events as we move further from the worst of the pandemic. It’s no surprise that environmentally friendly products and things like face masks—which are innovating every day —are included. According to Newsweek, each and every one of the Academy’s nominees in the acting and casting departments is a winner as far as free loot is concerned.

oscars swag bag 2020

Onboard, they can indulge in a spa sanctuary, butler service, eight restaurants, chef-prepared picnics, and excursions. Each year, the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags are produced by Distinctive Assets and delivered to all of the2020 Oscar nomineesduring the week leading up to the show. The2020 Oscars nomineesin the Best Actor and Actress, Best Director, and Supporting Actor and Actress categories will receive these indulgent goodie bags to celebrate their nominations.

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Before the 92nd Academy Awards, the top 25 nominees will get a luxurious swag bag. Perhaps swag bags don’t mean anything to those who watch award shows like the Oscars. Scroll down to view some of the most luxurious items from the 2020 Oscars gift bags. Before intermittent fasting was hot with celebrities, “the fasting mimicking diet” was a method studied by Valter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. Now, he sells a low-carb, five-day meal plan that centers around his research-backed fasting mimicking protocol.The $249 week of meals include plant-based soups, bars, crackers, olives, drinks and supplements that are meant to be eaten at specific times during the day.

  • The gift bag also contains up to $25,000 of treatments and cosmetic procedures (e.g. Botox, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and injectables/fillers) from New York City-based cosmetologist Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich.
  • “While we no longer release an official valuation, this year’s gift bag is one of the best we have ever assembled.”
  • Perhaps swag bags don’t mean anything to those who watch award shows like the Oscars.
  • They’re delivered to nominees in the week leading up to the Oscars, and they’re about as luxe as you might expect.
  • “While this gift bag does always have an impressive value, that is never our goal. A great gift has nothing to do with a price tag,” Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary said.
  • One of the perks of being famous is definitely access to the best beauty and fashion items on the market.

But naturally, at Stylish, we can’t get enough of the beauty and fashion pieces. The Oscars were last night, and despite a year of virtual events and Zoom acceptance speeches, things were looking a little more normal. The gift bags were back for nominees, and we have a full rundown of some of the coolest products included. Biggest Night” and everyone is a winner thanks to the six-figure Everyone Wins Gift Bag! This gift bag is a “bounty of congratulatory gifts with purpose and features brands that embrace diversity, inclusion, health, and philanthropy with lots of self-care, fashion, and lifestyle goodies”.

A Lighthouse Holiday And A Gold Vape: Oscars Goodie Bags Return After Virtual 2020

However, the maple syrup could make anyone’s morning a little sweeter. Distinctive Assets included two pieces of art for each of the big-time nominees. Picture Glenn Close or Sam Rockwell heading home to new pieces of art from their 2019 Oscars Swag Bag. On January 1, 2018, Cannabis was legalized in California, and conveniently the Academy Awards have been presented at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood since 2002. Items with the high-ly desired product were gifted to the top Oscar nominees for the first time in history.

oscars swag bag 2020

A penchant for picking products that celebrities liked eventually led to an expansion into gift giving in general. In 2000, Fary’s company landed a gig creating the official gift bags for the 42nd annual Grammy Awards, at which Distinctive Assets also tested out a gift lounge — an entire room of free merchandise for presenters and performers to peruse. A limited edition collector’s box for Trust Me Vodka will be included in the gift bag. Later, entertainment marketing company Distinctive Assets started assembling unique swag bags and gave them out to Oscar attendees. Ten personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky are included. In 2016 Business Insider reported that Seletzky’s sessions cost $900 each, but Seletzky did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It’s request for comment. The bags aren’t technically affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , but nominee gift bags have become a staple over the years.

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Courtesy of Distinctive Assets The brands are on the hook for the cost of all gift items, ranging from a box of cookies to plastic surgery to all-inclusive trips, in addition to a participation fee paid to Distinctive Assets. The cost starts at $4,000 and soars to $50,000 for “presenting sponsors”—a significant amount, to be sure, but a rounding error compared to the $2.6 million-plus price tag for a 30-second commercial during the Oscars telecast. After all, if just one of the recipients is seen using a gift, it’s well worth the price of admission for most brands.

Another celeb swag bag item is a $249 intermittent fasting diet plan. While we plebeians can opt to fast for free, this exclusive plan includes bars, crackers, soups, olives, drinks, and supplements as well as instructions telling the dieter to eat each one at a specific time during the day. Some of the perks are standard rich people stuff like a stay in a Spanish lighthouse-turned-luxury hotel that will usually cost a traveler between $1,300 and $1,800 per night . Other gifts are very on-trend like a $150 gold-plated vape pen and a cannabis edible dessert tasting for eight. This year’s top swag includes a $78,000, 12-day yacht cruise; $20,000 of facial rejuvenation treatments; and $20,000 in matchmaking services.

oscars swag bag 2020

Distinctive Assets also delivered this year’s Grammys VIP gift bags. It has also worked with the Tonys, American Music Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, BET Awards, CMA Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards. A 12-day fully inclusive cruise for two, valued at $78,190, on the Scenic Eclipse expedition yacht. The package includes a Panorama or Spa Suite, unlimited food and beverage, butler service, chef-prepared picnics, a gym, and more. Ahead of the 92nd annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Feb. 9, nominees will receive the over-the-top presents compiled by the marketing company Distinctive Assets, which is not affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The 2020 Oscar Swag Bag Contains Meaningful Jewelry And Clothes

Beyond the red carpet parade and telecast, the ceremony is loaded with tradition, few as envy-inducing as the luxe swag bestowed on the nominees. Then there are three health-centric items that nominees like Rachel Weisz and her The Favourite costar and fellow Oscar nominee Olivia Coleman can enjoy. Upon completion of these three experiences each nominee should feel downright uplifted. A week at the Golden Door luxury wellness resort in San Diego, California (worth $10,000) was included in the 2019 Oscars Swag Bag.

“This year’s ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag is one of my favorites we have ever assembled because it represents a lot more than just a bag full of free stuff. I am truly excited for the nominees to experience it.” For the 19th year in a row, Distinctive Assets will be offering Oscar nominees a special gift bag — but for the first time in the show’s history, the items in the coveted bag will showcase brands that highlight diversity, inclusion, and philanthropy. The “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bag, which sets out to make sure that every nominee feels like a winner, will go to notable stars like Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen, Riz Ahmed, Viola Davis, Andra Day, Carey Mulligan, and more. Nominees are also welcomed to visit the Golden Door and Origin Stretch and Spa spas in California. The “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bag is not affiliated with the Oscars, but entertainment-marketing company Distinctive Assets has presented the nominees with gifts ahead of the ceremony for 18 years. “This year’s gift bag is one of the best we have ever assembled. I am truly excited for the nominees to experience it.” Then there are personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky (roughly $900).

Custom-designed bullet-resistant doors from Remo Security Doors and a 24-karat gold-finished vape pen are also included in the haul. Forbes estimated that the presents offered to this year’s Oscar nominees amounted to a value of $294,536. Last year’s gifts included a cruise to Antarctica, a stay in Italy and a vacation in Kauai. That might seem like a pretty clear-cut ending to the story — no more gift bags from the Academy, no more Oscars gift bags. But private companies had actually been curating their own bundles on the sidelines for several years by then, and they, unlike the Academy, were willing to keep giving gifts that would be considered taxable income.

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An eight-person overnight stay at a lighthouse in the Canary Islands, valued at around $1,700 per night. A two-night luxury resort stay in Los Cabos, income summary Mexico, which ranges from $1,200-$6,000 per night. $25,000 worth of facial procedures and treatments from plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Brooklyn-based designer Brandon Blackwood speaks with petty cash L’OFFICIEL about the success of the viral End Systemic Racism bag and creating a community through fashion. The stars are out tonight in their most glamorous eveningwear to celebrate some of the year’s best performances. Faro Cumplida is the only active lighthouse in Spain, and it’s been transformed into a livable getaway for eight guests in three suites.

The gift bags are shipped off to the nominees in the week before the ceremony in suitcases, according to the magazines. But Fary says there’s usually one nominee who doesn’t accept the swag. Last year, it was Glenn Close who asked for hers to de donated to a women’s charity. “I have always included numerous health and wellness items because it is both a personal passion of mine and something I know resonates with many of the nominated stars,” Fary told Robb Report oscars swag bag 2020 in an email. “This year, many of these items happen to be products I personally use and love, so it feels like I’m sharing recommendations to my would-be friends.” If only we all had friends like that. While the Oscars seem oh-so glamorous, they also seem oh-so stressful. From trying not to land on the worst dressed listto attempting to avoid a disastrous Oscar moment that will live on forever, there’s a lot of pressure to be all but perfect on the big night.

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Oscars 2020 will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and even the losers will go home with luxury consolation prizes. As per a report published in Forbes, the nominees irrespective of their wins and losses will take home a six-figure gift bag courtesy of Distinctive Assets, a celebrity and product placement marketing company. Everyone from Saorise Ronan to Bong Joon Ho will leave with a bag full of all kinds of treats, collectively valued at nearly $215,000, including a 12-day yacht vacation valued at about $80,000. Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary told Forbes that the gifts hardly fit in a single gift bag, and are instead delivered to nominees in a number of suitcases over the course of a few weeks preceding award night. The 92nd Academy Awards counts itself as one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. And while guests will be treated to a Billie Eilish performance and a plant-based meal at the afterparty, those hardly match all the effort the stars put into the occasion with everything from nomination-worthy performances to jaw-dropping red carpet looks. So a niche marketing company called Distinctive Assets will once again distribute the official unofficial “Everyone Wins” Oscars gift bags to all 24 nominees.

Still, if there’s a theme for Oscars gifts, this year’s would seem to be health and wellness. In a press release, the agency shared a breakdown of what’s in this year’s bags.

The promotional present from marketing company Distinctive Assets is called the “Everybody Wins” bag and this is the 18th year in a row it’s being given out to Oscar nominees. In previous years, movie stars and filmmakers were given expensive vibrators, luxury train rides, and so forth and this year is just as insane. Since so many in Hollywood seem to like to have their own personal trainers (even the personal trainers there have their own trainers, we’re guessing), celebrity trainer Alex Seletzky is throwing in ten free training sessions per bag. Again, he’s probably hoping for repeat customers since he charges around $900 per session.

The 24 karat gold-plated Oscar statuette given to Academy Award winners has a financial value of just $400, Forbes reports, but the gift bags given to each nominee are more costly, with Forbes valuing the 2020 swag bag at $225,000. Although we’re pretty sure most celebs already have access to personal trainers, in their2020 Oscars gift bags, they’ll receive a package of 10 personal training sessions with premier LA trainer Alexis Seletzky. So, a bath bomb is something you might actually give out in one of your own birthday party gift bags, right? We’re guessing you probably wouldn’t choose one that costs $105, though.Hotsy Totsy’s The Royal Chakra Bath Bombweighs more than a pound and is handcrafted with 24 karat gold.

Keep scrolling to shop Woman’s World’s picks for 14 of the best items you can shop from the 2020 Oscars swag bags. Conceived and distributed by Distinctive Assets for nearly two decades, the ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag may not be officially affiliated with the Academy, but it has become a staple of its most significant event just the same. DA founder and gifting expert Lash Fary sees the gesture as something more than the product placement it can help provide. “Every human being, regardless of wealth or fame, appreciates the simple joy of a gift…it is assembled with a profound sense of gratitude for the incredible performances these talented individuals shared with all of us this year,” he said in a statement.

Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich is a New York City plastic surgeon known for specializing in face, eye and neck lift treatments. Anyone who receives this Oscars goodie bag can get $25,000 worth of cosmetic procedures and treatments. “Every human being, regardless of wealth or fame, appreciates the simple joy of a gift,” shares Lash Fary, whose company Distinctive Assets has independently produced these gift bags for nearly two decades.

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